Coaching at Codebar

I’ve spent a fantastic evening coaching at another of Codebar’s London events. This time around, hosted at Lyst – Hoxton Square. As usual we had a healthy turnout and a diverse mix of both students and coaches with around 50 attendees in total.

I focused on Ruby coaching primarily and was grouped with three students while working through a mixture of both their own pet projects plus a healthy dose of “Ruby in 100 Minutes” from the Jumpstart Labs curriculum. As ever it can be difficult in a coaching scenario to ensure you’re dividing your time fairly between two, never mind three students – but we muddled through.

It’s an entirely enlightening experience having to communicate the hows and whys of the programming languages and techniques that we use every day – to folks taking those first tentative steps on their journey. I’m convinced it’s teaching me all manner of communication skills and experiences that I can take advantage of in my own day-to-day work.

Having myself recently joined the Money Advice Service team, I’m hopeful we’ll be hosting another Codebar gathering soon. Until then, keep an eye on the schedule at!

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