Speaking at Ancient City Ruby 2015

I’m excited to announce I’ll be attending and speaking at Ancient City Ruby again this year. After last year’s all-round excellent conference I was hoping I’d bag an invite for 2015. I mean – how many conferences can boast activities including outings on a pirate ship?

Hosted in St. Augustine, in the Sunshine State of Florida just along from Jacksonville Beach, home of the most excellent hashrocket, organisers of the event and famed Rubyists.

Among the attendees this year are Noel Rappin, Hampton Catlin (of SASS fame) and Pamela O. Vickers among many others. The CfP closed recently so we’ll soon hear the rest of the doubtless awesome schedule.

I’ll be giving a version of my Rescue Squad: Rails Edition talk, rest assured there’ll be plenty of new content and material contained within!

Hopefully I’ll see you there this March!

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