Speaking at RubyConfLT 2015 – Vilnius, Lithuania

Just a quick one! I’ll be speaking at Lithuania’s RubyConfLT, hosted in Vilnius just next week. So far it’s looking like another awesome lineup, and I’m honoured to represent the Money Advice Service as part of it. I hear it’s the first time this particular conference has invited international speakers too. So double honours. <3

This time around, I’ll be speaking about levelling-up your development career, and sharing all the little (and large) things I’ve picked up over the fifteen plus years I’ve been working in various roles throughout the software development industry.

Hopefully I’ll see you there. If not, and of course much closer to home, a ┬ábunch of MAS folks (Alex, Tomas, Jones, Phil and I) are making the pilgrimage to Bath Ruby tomorrow. If you see us, give us a wave and say hi!

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