Speaking at RubyConfLT 2015 – Vilnius, Lithuania

Just a quick one! I’ll be speaking at Lithuania’s RubyConfLT, hosted in Vilnius just next week. So far it’s looking like another awesome lineup, and I’m honoured to represent the Money Advice Service as part of it. I hear it’s the first time this particular conference has invited international speakers too. So double honours. <3 […]

Speaking at Ancient City Ruby 2015

I’m excited to announce I’ll be attending and speaking at Ancient City Ruby again this year. After last year’s all-round excellent conference I was hoping I’d bag an invite for 2015. I mean – how many conferences can boast activities including outings on a pirate ship? Hosted in St. Augustine, in the Sunshine State of Florida […]

Codebar: 3rd December at the Money Advice Service

I’m pleased to announce that the Money Advice Service are hosting a Codebar workshop event on Wednesday 3rd December. Codebar is all about getting underrepresented groups into programming and helping people learn basic programming skills for fun primarily, but also with potential guidance for moving into a career in programming or indeed the tech industry at […]

Rails Israel 2014 – A Summary

As I write this I’m on my way back from Tel Aviv, Israel having attended and spoken at Rails Israel 2014. With just a short three days I was lucky to get some sight seeing time in, but more importantly I enjoyed an absolutely terrific conference. The day started out with a live magic performance, something you might not expect […]

Speaking at Rails Israel 2014

This weekend I’ll be heading off to represent the Money Advice Service at the Rails Israel 2014 conference, hosted in Tel Aviv, to give my talk Rescue Squad: RAILS EDITION! I’ll be talking primarily on rescuing legacy rails projects, although many of the ideas I present are more than applicable to any large, legacy software project. I’ll speak […]